Is Litecoin (LTC)-TokenPay Partnership In 2018 Still A Possibility?

Is Litecoin (LTC)-TokenPay Partnership In 2018 Still A Possibility?

Litecoin Foundation tweet fuels speculation TokenPay deal could be about to happen. This follows days of public anticipation. When LitePay (LTC) failed, many felt it would be difficult for LTC to get another chance at mass adoption. Turns out that was just the beginning. Ever since, TenX, Aliant Payments, Wirex, and most recently WikiLeaks have all come on board to work with Litecoin as a payment currency.

That notwithstanding, the biggest question has been whether Litecoin was going to get into partnership with TokenPay. Even now the question still remains: Is a TokenPay-Litecoin partnership still a possibility and could it maybe, happen in 2018? It is looking increasingly likely something like that could be in the air. Some outlets are claiming that it is happening. This is how the whole thing started.

Litecoin Foundation’s Charlie Lee was criticized for his initial stance and reaction to the partnership between Verge and PornHub. He tweeted, saying:

“Turns out Verge’s super expensive partnership was PornHub. “We think it has gained enough steam for us to penetrate the market.” penetrate. @Pornhub, enough with the foreplay. Time to accept the real cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and XMR”

In the ensuing counter-reaction that followed, Lee sort of ended up apologizing for his remarks. Among those who felt it was out of line included TokenPay. The CEO of the fast-rising crypto questioned Lee’s intentions and why he hadn’t contributed to the crowdfunding. Derek Capo had this reply for Lee:

“Why are you trying to shill $LTC to be the 2nd coin on Pornhub? Did you even participate in the @vergecurrency crowdfunding campaign? We donated 66.5mm $XVG to make it happen. What did you do? Zero! Get in line! “

The whole scenario had brought out one thing: it was felt that the LTC founder thought his project deserved more recognition for being a better coin. At the time, it seemed Litecoin and TokenPay were not going to see eye to eye any time soon. However, Lee is a gentleman and swiftly followed up with a kind of apology. He had said:

“I think I was a bit too negative on this news. Wasn’t trying to be. Anyways, congratulations to Justin Vendetta and the Verge team. The porn industry is definitely a leading indicator of technology adoption. I’m glad to see them opening up to cryptocurrency”

But that wasn’t the best part yet. A mini-discussion took place, unofficially between Lee and TokenPay’s Derek Capo that ended up suggesting the two platforms could work together at some point in the future. After Capo had informed Lee the reason TokenPay had to donate to Verge, the LTC founder responded with an appreciation.

That’s when the unofficial discussion took place. Derek asks Charlie Lee when he’d like them to talk about Debit cards. He goes on to reveal that TokenPay plans to acquire a German bank and wanted to know how they could work together in the future. Interestingly, the TPAY CEO suggests that they could add LTC to their “bank, debit cards, gift cards…”

To this Charlie Lee replied:

“Thanks. Let me know if there’s anything I or the Litecoin Foundation can do to help. Dm me.”

It then all went quiet, seemingly nothing more being said. However, there have been rumors of a non-disclosure agreement being signed between LTC and TPAY. This was revealed a few days ago via Twitter by one supporter of Litecoin Thomas James.

Could this be the pointer to a future partnership between this two? It appears so, especially when contextualized alongside this message by the Litecoin Foundation a few hours ago.

In response to this tweet, so many businesses have indicated that they are either already accepting LTC payments or are willing to be included in the “new” project the foundation is working on. What cool project is Litecoin working on?

It’s obvious that it’s not the ones that we already know of. Could it be a new project in partnership with TokenPay? Unless proven otherwise, the speculation about the much-anticipated deal will continue to mount. If that happens, 2018 may turn out to be a great year for Litecoin (LTC).