Seattle Bitcoin Offers Blockchain Networking Amongst Exotic Cars

Seattle Bitcoin Offers Blockchain Networking Amongst Exotic Cars

Seattle Bitcoin, an organization dedicated to cryptocurrency education, gathered a diverse group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to share knowledge and increase blockchain awareness.

The slow roar of a Ferrari 488 drew in a party-ready platoon of crypto traders, blockchain evangelists, and newcomers seeking to network at Zadart Exotic Car Club in Bellevue, Washington for a blockchain meet-up.

Seattle Bitcoin cars
Among an exceptional collection of imported cars, Seattle Bitcoin set the stage to push their vision for a well-informed community ready to embrace blockchain technology.

Seattle Bitcoin is a local organization on a mission to educate the benefits and use-cases of cryptocurrency and underlying decentralized technology.

Hosting events around the country, Seattle Bitcoin is one of few groups looking beyond the price hype and ICO fervor to reach a broader audience for the benefit of society.

Joshua Coleman, Lead Instructor and Curator at Seattle Bitcoin shared his thoughts on the importance of blockchain education worldwide:

“This is a global economy now… We have to be practical on the fact that other people can be taken advantage of… So we have to educate not only our communities but communities abroad to really know what they’re investing in, to understand that cryptocurrencies are a beautiful experiment on top of a very transformative technology.”

The power of blockchain enables unforeseen possibility but remains a nascent industry in the public shadows.

The sponsors of Seattle Bitcoin’s networking event.

Tyler Boscolo, Chief Operating Officer at LifeID noted:

“Getting people to really understand what the technology is about and the impacts it has is a great way to help people see the full potential and the real value that it can create.”

The blockchain industry is still far from cryptocurrency mass adoption and industry disruption around, but with active progress, the potential for a true impact is possible.

Chris Jones, Co-Founder at CharterCoin and blockchain evangelist, shared his insight into the growth of blockchain:

“For us to grow this space, people have to understand it better. If you look at the internet, no one knows TCP or IP is, we just call it the internet. Our job is to educate people so we can get to that place where they’re’ using products and services for which blockchain is a part of that underlying infrastructure… Our job is to do blockchain 101 all day everyday to help welcome people into the fold.”

To learn more about Seattle Bitcoin, you can visit their website.

Cover Photo by Thimothy Eberly on Unsplash

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