Why Now is the Best Time To Invest in Litecoin (LTC)

Why Now is the Best Time To Invest in Litecoin (LTC)

Cryptocurrencies, in general, have been one of the best money making machine kind of investment in recent times. There have been many occasions where investors regretted not putting their money into a coin when the digital asset slowly climbed up the price ladder right before their eyes.

As most people are looking at the top, thinking on where to raise money to purchase the runaway coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), they forget that there is another kind of successful asset they can obtain at a cheaper price, and click the fortune button in the future. Litecoin (LTC) has been one of the most underrated top cryptocurrencies. 

Why Now is the Best Time

Litecoin (LTC) is considered to be faster and cheaper in a transaction and cheaper in price than Bitcoin (BTC). A currency like Litecoin (LTC) still has cheaper prices for investors to jump into. On January 1,  2013, one Litecoin (LTC) cost $0.07. At the end of that year, the price rose to $23. In a simple sense, anybody who invested $100 in January 2013 had his investment growing into $32,000. Today, a Litecoin (LTC) cost $165, and investment into Litecoin (LTC) in 2013 would have earned over $235,714.

Currently, Litecoin (LTC) has an available supply of $56 million and a market cap of $9 billion. A slight underground work by the team will definitely cause the price to rise to the moon, and a complete restoration of the market performance will see Litecoin (LTC) rising very fast.

There are only two best periods to buy cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC). The best time was 5 years ago, and the second best time is today. Considering the fact that the cryptocurrency tested $350 at the beginning of the year before falling back as a result of the general market recession, it still has that footprint to climb up.

Litecoin (LTC) against Bitcoin (BTC)

Charlie Lee, the man who released the Litecoin (LTC) code in 2011 has said that Litecoin (LTC) is the next big thing that will overtake Bitcoin (BTC) when something happens to it. Litecoin (LTC) versus Bitcoin (BTC) is like Facebook versus Google Plus. It would be hard for plus to overtake Facebook. But, if something catastrophic happens to Bitcoin (BTC), I could see Litecoin (LTC) positioned to overtake it.

Bitcoin (BTC) is certainly the leading cryptocurrency out there, but considering its current price and the potential of Litecoin (LTC), investors can get a lot of Litecoin (LTC) with the Bitcoin (BTC) price and smile later. I personally think that, for anyone to see how Litecoin (LTC) will perform in the future, he should watch Etherium (ETH). Etherium (ETH) was recently worth $60 and Litecoin (LTC) was trading right below it. It is unfortunate that people prefer to jump into a trade of a coin when it starts moving at a higher speed.

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